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At Leikin Group Inc., real estate development and property and asset management have been our business for three generations. We are proud to be the owners of high profile, non-enclosed retail developments in the Greater Ottawa and peripheral areas that are recognized for being well leased and maintained with the highest standards of excellence.

During our 45 years in real estate, we have acquired an extensive knowledge base that covers all aspects of development, from conceptualization to completion to on-going management. Our tenants can count on our experience to ensure that the decision to lease premises and participate in any of our retail, commercial or residential developments will be a highly rewarding one.

We have always managed our real estate assets with patience, passion and a long-term vision and planning horizon -- all in support of utilizing our land for its highest and best use. Over the years we have shown the consistent ability to balance our entrepreneurial and highly responsive operating philosophy with prudent strategic planning to ensure a rock-solid portfolio of properties that retain market dominance and value. And that enables our tenants to realize the full potential of their real estate investment.

Because what you achieve has a lot to do with where you start.

About Our History

More than simply observing market trends and demands, we have been active participants in Ottawa's growth for over 80 years, making significant contributions to the City's business community and social and charitable infrastructure. Harry Leikin, the founder of the Leikin Group, is considered one of the pioneers of the City of Nepean, and has been recognized for his substantial accomplishments within the national capital region.